Support of Friends of PV Animals for Rescuers in Puerto Vallarta

Hello friends,

Friends of Puerto Vallarta Animals has received many messages from people seeking support to rescue dogs and cats, or help with their adoptions. First of all, we thank you for your trust and for thinking of us. We would love to be able to help all the animals of the region, we know that there is a great need, but it is impossible. The function of our association is solely and exclusively for the support of the CCSA. We are a non-profit Civil Association constituted by VOLUNTEERS and we DO NOT have a shelter for animals. We are a group of friends united by a cause: helping the animals of the Puerto Vallarta shelter. Our contribution is to coordinate groups of volunteers who visit CCSA on Wednesdays and Saturdays to support in different tasks, such as walking dogs, bathing them, giving them love, among other things. We also raise funds for food, medicines, surgeries, etc., for this same institution. We thank you for understanding our limitations as an association, we really do the best we can!

What we can do is share our experience and perhaps in this way we help them help an animal. We have dealt a lot with CCSA animals and we know that supporting a stray can be overwhelming. But it can be done! There are free sterilization clinics, as well as excellent veterinarians with different specializations, good prices and social networks are very useful to support in the process of adoption and fundraising.